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January 1, 2022

The Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards at Westminster Theological Seminary is pleased to announce three new appointments.

As a formal academic research center at Westminster, the Craig Center endeavors to contribute to the spiritual and intellectual life of the Seminary by equipping students and laymen with knowledge of the historical, systematic, biblical, and practical contours of the tradition of Reformed theology for which the Seminary stands. To that end, the Center undertakes a number of specialized projects, ranging from the creation of bibliographies, the collection of relevant documents and media, and encouraging further research and scholarly discussion through seminars and conferences.

Dr. Todd Rester (PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary) will serve as the Craig Center’s curator to undertake the collection and collation of pertinent printed and manuscript materials regarding the Westminster Assembly, its members, their writings, and receptions of their work. He will also develop programs and bibliographical publications highlighting this archive and its collection. His work includes the development of classroom resources, workshops for researchers and junior scholars working with archival and manuscript and printed material, and seminars and public conferences regarding the Westminster Assembly, its work, and its reception. Dr. Rester’s research interests include the development, defense, and promulgation of Reformed confessions in early modern academies and universities for the use of regional church bodies and their congregations.

Nathan Nocchi (PhD Student, Westminster Theological Seminary) will serve as the Craig Center’s Assistant Director. Nathan’s academic interests include the philosophy, theology, and history of the early modern Reformed traditions; historiography and intellectual history as it pertains to historia sacra, both its antique and early modern manifestations; and the theological and political import of the principal documents of the Westminster Assembly. As Assistant Director, Nathan will carry out research-related activities on the Westminster Assembly, support the Director and Curator in the acquisition of relevant scholarly materials, and formulate project plans according to the stipulations of the Director of the Center, while overseeing student research, fostering relationships with like-minded research centers, and organizing seminars and conferences. Nathan’s growing expertise in the early modern theological and philosophical traditions will prove to be beneficial for Craig Center initiatives.

Dr. John Bower (MD, ThM) will serve as Chair of the Advisory Board. John is an associate professor at Northeast Ohio Medical University and an adjunct professor of Church History at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh. He is also currently a Research Fellow at the Craig Center. He has published two books on the writings of the Westminster Assembly, demonstrating keen knowledge of the principal documents of the Westminster Assembly and its members. Given this expertise, John will not only provide unique insight and guidance to the expanding staff at the Craig Center but help establish principles for practice and outlines for strategic planning so as to situate the Craig Center as a premier research center for the Westminster Assembly.

With these new appointments, the Craig Center will be uniquely positioned to undertake the preservation of the principal documents of the Westminster Assembly and its individual members, the education of students and laymen, and the publication of substantive scholarly contributions in professional journals and monographs.Join us in welcoming Dr. Todd Rester, Nathan Nocchi, and Dr. John Bower to the Craig Center at Westminster Theological Seminary!