Our History

The Samuel G. & Charles H. Craig Center for the Study of the Westminster Standards at Westminster Theological Seminary was established in 2002 to facilitate the study of, and education about, the Westminster Assembly, its writings, members, and theology. During its formative years, the Craig Center was under the joint directorship of Drs. Carl Trueman and Jeffrey Jue, who fostered several connections with scholars of the early-modern period, funding their research as fellows of the Craig Center. Since 2018, the Craig Center has been under the leadership of Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn, who has re-structured the center in light of its original vision. As a research center at Westminster, the Center endeavors to contribute to the spiritual and intellectual life of Westminster Theological Seminary, by equipping students and laymen with knowledge of the historical, systematic, biblical, and practical contours of the tradition of Reformed theology for which the Seminary stands. Toward that end, the Center undertakes a number of specialized projects, which are noted on our Resources & Projects page, as well as cultivates scholarly discussion through seminars and conferences.