Research Projects


The Manuscripts Project is principally interested in the identification, collation, and acquisition of source materials related to the Westminster Assembly (1643–1653). Source materials that have been identified will be incorporated into current collections listed in the Westminster Assembly Project database, and if physically available, in the Montgomery Library of Westminster Theological Seminary. Coordinated with this project is the bibliography project, which is a project that seeks to provide a comprehensive bibliographic guide for all primary and secondary source materials related to the Westminster Assembly. The manuscripts project, more than any other, is designed to situate the Craig Center in the scholarly world as a premier research and study center that will host, in one place, copies of resources from around the world. To this end, the manuscripts project will supply those materials most notable for publication in a variety of reputable publishing houses, such as Westminster Seminary Press.


The Biographies Project is a project in which Craig Center Staff will coordinate with scholars, both internal and external to Westminster, in the creation of rigorously researched biographical essays on Westminster Divines. These biographies will largely serve early-modern scholarship and its associated research into the world of the English minister during the tumultuous 1630s–1650s, the theology of the framers of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and, more generally, the early-modern English persona.


The Digitization Project involves the digitization of extant primary source materials. With more scholars accessing materials online, the digitization project will help facilitate greater research into the Westminster Assembly and its principal documents by supplying digital resources, which will be hosted on servers accessible to the broader scholarly network.

Westminster Standards Curriculum

The Westminster Standards Curriculum Project is a distinct undertaking in which the Craig Center will create and produce curriculum to be disseminated to a wide-ranging audience. Formulated with a view to bolstering theological education and spiritual formation in different cohorts, including high school students, college students, and church members, the curriculum developed will thus exist on a gradation of applicability, having “stages” or “degrees” of difficulty and engagement with primary and secondary source materials.


The Bibliography Project seeks to collate all materials pertinent to the study of the Westminster Assembly and its principal documents. This project will aid future scholarship in its provision of an exhaustive list of all relevant primary and secondary source materials.